"Bridging the Gap"



Bridge the gap between the real and perceived realities of doing business.

Chance favors the prepared minds and we want to help your business grow.

Quality Policy
We will do the right thing for the customer, first time, on time and every time. We will supply the services that meet our customer's expectation each and every time while managing the cost of service versus benefits gained. Every individual in the company is empowered to improve our ability to satisfy our customer's need and expectation.

Why Most Small Business Fail
Each year in the USA 15,000 to 20,000 industrial and commercial companies go out of business. A majority of these are small business and their failure could be attributed to two major reasons: Competition and Specialized Personnel.

Small businesses face more intense competition. More importantly, small business owners do not have specialized personnel found in large organizations to handle complex business problems. They simply do not have the capital to afford them or work load to justify their full-time employment.

Consequently, most small companies have real trouble identifying and solving problems in their marketing, sales, operations, inventory control, paper flow, profit, operating expenses and general organizational procedures.

At Mabi Conti International Inc., we will provide the needed specialized business experience and knowledge know-how. Our full force is dedicated to objective, hard examination and our professionals will work with you as long as necessary to isolate, define and eliminate your problems. We will explore all aspects of your business with your total welfare in mind.

We will implement ways for you to operate your business effectively, organize staff, manage and produce to maximize profit. There is no Business we cannot improve.

We will develop a special business tracking system that will provide you with all the operational and financial reports you need, plus the ability to track your business performance against plan and provide early alert when critical parts of your business begin to perform below par.


Our first approach is to examine, study and review your entire organization or business, the history of your business, your present organization, and your requirements and evaluate your plans of management.

We will give particular attention to your procedures, profits trends, accounting methods, profit structure, expense control, floor space, plant layout, material cost, labor cost, sales volume, production control, counter methods, warehouse methods, employee compensation, inventory turnover and productivity, as well as your purchasing and marketing approach.

The break-even point and efficiency levels will be defined and established for profitability.

We will come to your facility if you desire to concentrate our attention on your problem. We go beyond surface problems to the very character of your operation. We will design effective solution to your individual problems and set up programs that will work for you.

We will manualize and document every step of the corrective program design for you, advise and train all personnel involved and help you put the plan into action. The program we design will be customized to your needs and your business only. This is not a one size fits it all approach.

Mabi Conti International is a minority owned consulting company based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We are certified by the minority business enterprise (MBE). Under the classification of management consultants.

Our primary strengths are in our personnel, who are made up of the finest experts who have worked with major corporations, small to medium size companies, state and local government. Federal agencies, financial institutions and the new technology industries. We are what you will consider a "One Stop Shop".

Our consultants have worked for or counsel more than 200 businesses in over sixty categories, each consultant with a minimum of 10 years experience in their respective fields.

A team fluent in English, French, German, Spanish and many African languages are expert's consultants that support and enhance our ability to deliver a superb quality service.

We are experience enough to have confidence and small enough to be resourceful, innovative, flexible, dedicated, involved and result oriented.